Kokikai Aikido Principles

Keep One Point to develop calmness

Relax Progressively

Find Correct Posture in everything

Develop your Positive Mind

Kokikai Aikido has at its foundation the principles of one point and ki development as taught in Japan to Maruyama Sensei by both Aikido’s Founder Ueshiba and Tohei Sensei.

In his early years in the U.S., Maruyama Sensei began to enhance his understanding as a result of training with other martial artists who were very strong and who tried to resist with the conviction to prove Aikido did not work. Over his many years in the U.S., as attackers got stronger and stronger, Maruyama Sensei was led to seek an ever more natural and comfortable state of mind-body coordination which led to techniques which required less and less effort to be effective.

Attackers are encouraged to be as strong as they can be while techniques are taught with a proper foundation and a strong understanding of one point and progressive relaxation. Techniques are also practiced where only physical strength is used so students can experience for themselves, which is better.

Maruyama Sensei’s philosophy of minimum effort, maximum effect is the foundation of Kokikai Aikido, which has progressed the art of Aikido.

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