“When people ask why I practice aikido, I tell them it is the most challenging physical activity I’ve ever attempted.  Originally, I wanted to learn how to protect myself without resorting to punching, kicking, and/or grappling.  As all of my male friends have discovered I can now protect myself without relying on speed and/or strength (factors that will erode as I get older). I’ve discovered an inner strength that I never knew I had.  This unknown pool of strength has fostered a sense of confidence. My conviction in the power of aikido is born from hours of real life experience.  A 56 year old man who is roughly 5’6” and 140 pounds can throw me with the ease he would throw a five year old child.  It is both a humbling experience and something to strive to achieve.” 35 year old male – Pharmaceutical Manager

“Aikido is a very surprising and counter-intuitive means of self defense.  So surprising, that practice is routinely punctuated with incredulous laughs at the effective simplicity of the art. Being more cerebral than physical, it fits my temperament (non aggressive) as well as my age (old) and physical condition (non jock).  The constant challenge to master the very simple keeps me hooked.” 60 yr old man – VP Fortune 100

“Before I started Aikido I was becoming an old man. Aikido has helped me to become more flexible, more energetic and more relaxed. I can honestly say that I no longer feel my age. It has helped with my overall health. It has gotten me up off the couch, away from television and basically given me  a better overall feeling. It of course has helped me to have a better understanding of defending myself. At the same time it is doing this in a less “body stressful” way than any other form of martial art that I have tried.”  60+ yr old male – Business Owner

“Having entered mid life I find myself having the same struggles as most of my peers. A demanding job and active family life with three kids finding time for myself is a challenge. With Kokikai Aikido I am in better shape than I was when I was twenty, have achieved an appreciation for mind/body balance and met a diverse group of individuals I am happy to call my friends.” 42 yr old male – CEO

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